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On screen: Information and communication technologies; Gallium nitride electronics;

The present day semiconductors used in wireless radiofrequency electronics are reaching their limits.

As a result the communications industry faces an imminent need to develop new technologies.

On screen: Semiconductor technology; future radar, electronic warfare, and communications technologies

Gallium nitride has emerged as an in-demand semiconductor technology for future radar, electronic warfare and communications technologies.

On screen: Research infrastructure

NRC's gallium nitride electronics program is helping to establish a strong industrial capability for Canadians by offering its semiconductor foundry services to key industry players.

On screen: Technical and advisory services

The one hundred and fifty million dollar NRC Canadian gallium nitride foundry is one of only a handful in the world… … distinguished by its team of expert fabrication engineers and scientists with decades of industry experience.

On screen: Innovation

The foundry gives companies access to state-of-the-art fabrication and testing facilities... … and offers single-stop gallium nitride capabilities for pilot and low-volume production of discretes and circuits.

On screen: Pre-commercialization

NRC is currently looking for partnerships with device/components suppliers and system integrators. We'd like to strengthen the Canadian supply chain for GaN electronics, to support homegrown device/component start-ups And encourage multinational system integrators to expand their presence in Canada.

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