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On screen: "Eureka. Innovation across borders" followed by Canada Wordmark

Narrator: In 2012, Canada joined Eureka opening doors to Canadian firms and innovators to do business through technology with the European market. You now have preferred access to over 40 economies reaching more than 20 million entrepreneurs and 500 million consumers.

On screen: image of rotating globe while members flags move past it. Image is titled. Why Eureka?

EUREKA is a network. It enables you to. access new markets through technology partnering, acquire market intelligence, discover new business opportunities, and identify strategic technologies and business partners.

EUREKA provides advisory services and financial support

to de-risk and accelerate R&D and pre-commercialization projects.

As a Canadian innovator, you now have access to people and support

that simplify working with international partners.

In Europe, a EUREKA label brings considerable value to your project, proving it has successfully passed a stringent assessment process of its viability and marketability.

This enhances visibility and credibility, helping to attract customers, partners, and future investors.

In Canada, the EUREKA program is delivered by the National Research Council, in partnership with key Canadian innovation actors, all serving industry.

On screen: Mr. John R. McDougall, President, National Research Council.

Mr. McDougall Industrial technology collaboration does not come without challenges, especially in an international context. However, successful ventures generate significant returns. EUREKA is the largest industrial R&D network of its kind, and has demonstrated results over the years through thousands of projects. It made good business sense for Canada to accept the invitation to join and for the National Research Council to take the lead. I am very pleased to see how successful EUREKA is in Canada, with many Canadian innovators taking advantage of the program.

On screen: Words on screen. Mr. Bogdan Ciobanu, Vice-President, Industrial Research Assistance Programn National Research Council.

Mr. Ciobanu With EUREKA, you call the shots. With its industry-led approach, EUREKA enables you to decide which market and technology to focus on; which partner to work with within the EUREKA network, what terms and conditions will govern your collaboration and when to submit your project. And, for eligible small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada, support and funding is available from the National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program.

On screen: Do your clients need international access?

Narrator: EUREKA offers Canadian industrial innovators opportunities to create value through technology development and partnering; increase productivity and competitiveness; and access new, larger markets. If you are supporting Canadian innovators, EUREKA should be part of your toolkit.

On screen: Camila Fitzgibbon, Business Development Coordinator, MPB Communications Inc.

Camila Fitzgibbon: One of our scientists had an innovative idea that we decided was worth developing. In order to effectively do so,however, we needed to find a partner, not just any partner, but the right one. This European partner was able to co-develop critical components for the next generation of MPB products, which has allowed us to export an innovative solution worldwide. Today, we are fortunate to enjoy a solid R&D and supplier relationship with this company. We have found that going international in order to meet our development schedule and our profitability goals has certainly been the right move for us.

On screen: Words on screen. Are you looking to establish an industrial partnership with Canada?

Narrator: Canada is serious about innovation.

Quote from Canada's Economic Action Plan shown on screen and read simultaneously. "To be successful in the highly-competitive global economy, Canada must continue to improve its approach for developing high-quality, talented people, performing world-leading research and generating new breakthrough ideas.

EUREKA is part of the plan.

On screen: Ms. Melanie Cullins, National Project Coordinator, EUREKA National Office, Canada.

Ms. Cullins: We can help you to find the resources you need to be successful. We have counterparts in every one of the EUREKA member countries, actively engaged in turning project opportunities into reality.

On screen: Eureka innovation across borders with EUREKA

Narrator: Find out more, visit our website or call us today.

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