Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre


The Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre (CPFC) provides a one-stop-shop for world-class engineering and manufacturing services, commercial-grade prototyping and pilot-run production facilities. We can fabricate devices in a variety of materials including gallium arsenide (GaAs) and indium phosphide (InP), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and other substrates. We offer single-step foundry services or end-to-end fabrication of photonic devices, photonic integrated circuits and gallium nitride electronics. The CPFC can also develop new process technologies for our clients' devices.

Our capabilities

Starting with CPFC- or customer-supplied wafers, our experienced design team examines the client's requirements and advises on a suitable wafer structure and fabrication process to achieve the device performance necessary for their application. We can use either client-supplied photomasks or develop a new set of masks for an entire process sequence. A custom-designed manufacturing execution system is used for data collection and material tracking throughout the fabrication run. This helps ensure that all fabricated wafers are fully characterized and meet the required specifications. For gallium nitride electronics, our foundry offers the GaN500 Design Kit and the GaN150 Design Kit which describe the fabrication services and include both a Design Manual and a Physical Design Kit based on ADS software. Devices are fabricated with 0.5 and 0.15 micron gate length respectively on silicon carbide (SiC) substrates.

We offer a fully equipped 40,000 square foot facility with 11,000 square feet of class 1000/100 clean room space that provides a comprehensive suite of key processes and supporting ancillary activities.

We offer the following sets of technical services:

  • Foundry services including chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), lithography, plasma etching and back end processing
  • Design and modeling for devices and circuits to improve yield, overall design, and circuit performance
  • Test and characterization including testing for optical and electronic devices, and surface and materials analysis

Why work with us

For companies that fabricate wafers in house or that have them outsourced to an external foundry, we offer a consulting service for third-party evaluation/analysis of the resulting wafers.

Our experts add value by helping clients diagnose materials/fabrication-related problems using an extensive suite of test and measurement capabilities. Once a fabrication-related problem has been identified, we work with our clients to suggest corrective measures to remedy the problem. We can also assist clients by reworking wafers within our facilities and/or by engaging them in additional process development at the CPFC.