Jieying Zhang

Rôles et responsabilités

ARS – Project Manager and Principal Investigator for research and client projects; leads the development of knowledge and technologies for the design and corrosion resistance management of bridges and structures, durability and condition assessment, and infrastructure life cycle analysis.

Team Leader – Oversee and support the professional development of research offices in the following research areas: low-carbon concrete materials and durability, corrosion of concrete and steel structures, infrastructure asset management and infrastructure life cycle analysis.

Responsible for tasks related to the Climate Resilient Built Environment (CCEB) program – support the development of projects and deliverables that support the Built Environment Climate Resilience Initiative, improving the adaptation of our buildings and infrastructure to climate change.


2001: Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, Civil Engineering.

1997: Master of Science, Tsinghua University, China, Civil Engineering.

1994: Baccalaureate from Tongji University, China, civil engineering.

Principales publications

Zhang, J., Ebrahimi, N. (2022). Galvanic Corrosion in Steel and Aluminum Bridges, Canadian Standards Association, Toronto, ON. https://www.csagroup.org/article/research/galvanic-corrosion-in-steel-and-aluminum-bridges/

Zhang, J. and Ebrahimi, N. (2021). Corrosion Risk of Using Stainless Steel Bolts for A1010 Steel Bridge Girders. ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, 26 (2).


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Guest, G., Zhang, J., O. Maadani O., and Shirkhani, H. (2019). Incorporating the impacts of climate change into infrastructure life cycle assessments: A case study of pavement service life performance. Journal of Industrial Ecology, April 2019.


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Jieying Zhang

Jieying Zhang

Agent(e) de recherches senior
1200, chemin de Montréal
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Langue préférée : anglais
Téléphone : 613-993-6752


Environnement, Durabilité, Matériaux, Béton, Minéraux et métaux, Corrosion, Sciences, Ingénierie, Ingénierie structurale