NRC IRAP support for intellectual property

The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) provides comprehensive advisory services as well as funding to help accelerate the growth of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses. We have expanded our advisory service offering by adding a new program, IP Assist, to help innovative Canadian businesses make the very most of their innovations.

Intellectual property (IP) is a valuable tool that can help you leverage your company's innovations. Through IP Assist, we offer a range of targeted IP services to help you both transform your innovations into valuable assets in support of your commercial goals and safeguard your innovations.

The main goals of IP Assist are to help SMEs increase their IP awareness (level 1), develop an IP strategy (level 2) and carry out the actions needed to implement their IP strategy (level 3).

  • Level 1, Awareness: Provides your business with access to our network of advisors, resources and partner organizations so you can increase your knowledge of IP best practices and better understand how to leverage and safeguard your innovations
  • Level 2, Strategy: Provides you with access to IP experts who can assist you in developing an IP strategy to support your business goals, help you prioritize IP actions as well as provide you with valuable insight related to your technology, competitors and the IP landscape
  • Level 3Action: Provides funding to help your business execute the actions prioritized in your IP strategy

If you're an NRC IRAP client, reach out to your industrial technology advisor for more information about IP Assist. If you're an innovative Canadian company that isn't yet working with NRC IRAP, contact us to learn more about NRC IRAP and IP Assist.

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