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- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Human Health Therapeutics
•demonstrated that ZV can cross the blood-brain barrier
•showed that ZV infects glioblastoma cells to varying degrees, suggesting that genetically modified ZV could be developed to target therapeutics to glioblastoma cells
•developed a robust mouse model of ZV infection to test potential Zika vaccines
The NRC further leveraged its business relationship with Variation Biotechnologies Inc. (VBI) to bring the company's proprietary vaccine platform into this global effort to fight the emerging Zika epidemic. To this end, VBI and the NRC submitted a joint ZV grant proposal to the National Institute of Health. This strategic collaboration between VBI and the NRC has already led to the development of a plaque reduction neutralization assay at the NRC, and a collaborative research agreement to evaluate VBI's candidate enveloped virus-like particle (eVLP) vaccines is underway.

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Advanced Electronics and Photonics
Industry: Photonics
The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) signed a strategic agreement with Brilliant Matters to license the intellectual property of one of their semiconductors. Through this licensing agreement, Brilliant Matters will have access to a high-performing material developed at the NRC. The use of this material will help Brilliant Matters generate higher-performing semiconductors to produce organic photovoltaics at a lower cost. The final product, which will be produced in Canada, will increase the country's competitiveness on the organic semiconductor market and ultimately provide better and more affordable photovoltaics worldwide.