Remote monitoring platform for COVID-19 (SeamlessMD)

- Toronto, Ontario

Within the health-care industry, the current COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for digital solutions to support medical practitioners in providing high quality virtual care to their patients.

Seamless Mobile Health Inc. (Seamless MD), based in Toronto, Ontario, has adapted quickly to this reality by expanding its digital patient engagement and remote monitoring platform to better manage patients within an outpatient setting. With support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), SeamlessMD was able to adapt its existing digital technology to develop an infectious disease patient monitoring platform, notably for COVID-19.

In 2019, NRC IRAP first supported SeamlessMD through a project to pivot their existing technology into chronic disease management such as heart disease. At the onset of the pandemic, the firm's NRC IRAP industrial technology advisor recommended that they adapt their patient monitoring platform to enable the remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients or those with possible exposure to the virus—a tool that would allow health-care providers to increase their reach digitally while alleviating capacity issues at health-care centres. Through this advisory support, coupled with research and development funding, SeamlessMD was able to develop a new tool to help manage COVID-19.

The SeamlessMD platform is delivered through a web and mobile application that allows patients to self-report and symptom check remotely. Patients who are required to isolate due to the presence of COVID-19 symptoms, or positive test results, are required to complete a daily symptom survey which will yield a recommendation on next steps—whether to remain isolated or when to seek attention for worsening symptoms.

Using the same system, employees can also be remotely monitored to determine whether they should continue to self-isolate or are cleared to come back to work. In both cases, SeamlessMD provides a centralized dashboard and real-time alerts to the employer or healthcare provider to effectively monitor individuals.

SeamlessMD's COVID-19 patient monitoring solution has already been implemented by several Canadian and US health-care institutions. St. Joseph's Home Care, in Hamilton, Ontario, is using the platform to support its employees with daily digital screening and ongoing education for COVID-19. The platform is also being used by SE Health, one of Canada's largest home care agencies, to help monitor various patient populations remotely and keep home care workers safe.

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, and new variants of the virus arise, effective monitoring of patients and employees will play an ever critical role in managing transmission and keeping the population safe.

"Support from NRC IRAP allowed us to quickly adapt our technology to meet a pressing need for remote monitoring and screening for COVID-19. We're proud to offer a technology that is helping to curb the transmission of this virus and deliver virtual care during the pandemic.

Willie Kwok, Chief Technology Officer, SeamlessMD