Michele Loewen

- Ottawa, Ontario

Michele Loewen

As a biochemist, Michele loves to tease apart the molecular mechanisms that underlie life, generating knowledge that might be used to develop beneficial technologies in the future. Since joining the NRC in 2001 following her Ph.D. and post‑doctoral studies, Michele's focus has primarily been on understanding aspects of plant and fungal biochemistry in the context of crop agriculture.

Working out of research facilities in Ottawa, Michele is a senior research officer with the bioprocessing and biocatalyst team of the Aquatic and Crop Resource Development Research Centre. She is also an adjunct professor at Queen's University in the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences.

Although plant-based research can be a slow‑moving process, Michele is excited about the potential of synthetic biology to accelerate this type of research and keep Canada at the leading edge of agricultural development.

"Agriculture isn't what I'd call flashy and exciting, but when you talk about the potential applications of modern agricultural biotechnology to eradicating starvation and human diseases, I'm all in. Being a witness to the human creative spirit is such a privilege."