Automotive and Surface Transportation Research Centre

We provide leading edge research, technical and engineering services, and develop innovative technology solutions to meet materials and manufacturing challenges to help Canada be more competitive through innovations in mobility and manufacturing excellence. We assist industries in increasing their productivity and agility, decreasing product time-to-market, and advancing sustainable development strategies.

With a multidisciplinary team of over 300 specialized staff, AST offers the expertise and key infrastructure needed to prosper into this new era of smart mobility and advanced manufacturing.

Services and information



  • Vehicle lightweighting
    • aluminium forming
    • multi-material assembly
    • low-cost, high-performance composite manufacturing
    • sustainable and eco-friendly polymers and composites
  • Digital manufacturing
    • design-to-manufacturing
    • modeling and process simulation
    • dynamic and structural computer modeling and analysis
  • Additive manufacturing and surface engineering
    • laser additive manufacturing
    • cold spray additive manufacturing
    • thermal spray coating
    • powder metallurgy manufacturing
  • Vehicle electrification
    • safe, low cost energy storage technologies
    • battery material development
    • improved fuel cell manufacturing
    • low-cost electric motors
  • Fleet management and heavy-duty vehicles
    • intelligent transportation systems
    • safety, security and operational efficiency
    • bluff-body aerodynamics
  • Rail technologies
    • wheel/rail interactions
    • rail vehicle engineering for value-added railcars
    • track maintenance planning
    • high performance rail

Why work with us

We collaborate with the industries coming from all across the supply chain, looking for research expertise, specific facilities and technologies to advance their manufacturing processes, product development and de-risking development of new technologies as well as joining the global value chain in the transportation sector. We also work with academia and government to research, discover, de-risk, develop and commercialize innovations in surface transportation and manufacturing excellence.

Our capabilities:

  • Rail technology - more than 50 years of experience;
  • Blow moulding - more than 30 years playing a lead role in the field
  • Additive manufacturing – recognized worldwide experts;
  • Converging technologies:
    • lightweight materials;
    • digital manufacturing;
    • automation;
    • electrification;
    • connectivity; and
    • autonomous vehicles.

We work with all players in the transportation and manufacturing industries, in Canada and internationally:

  • Start-ups
  • Small and medium sized enterprises
  • Multinationals
  • Research organizations
  • Academia
  • Other government departments
  • Regulators