Advanced Electronics and Photonics Research Centre

We keep Canadians connected by pushing the boundaries of photonics and electronics research to develop new communications and sensing technologies.

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Epitaxial and thin film growth laboratory

Analysis and testing of discrete devices and optical integrated circuits on both components and high-speed network systems

Organic and printable electronics fabrication

R&D solutions for energy harvesting devices, physical or chemical sensors, printed radio frequency surfaces and antennas

Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre

Provides engineering and manufacturing services, commercial-grade prototyping and pilot-run production facilities

Advanced technology fabrication

Research and development of semiconductor fabrication for electronic, photonic and quantum devices

Surface analysis and material characterization

Test and characterization services complement our core semiconductor crystal growth and fabrication services

Electronic and photonic devices laboratory

Test and characterization services that complement our core fabrication facility

High-throughput and Secure Networks Challenge program

Developing technologies to enable the implementation of next-generation and future high-speed telecommunication networks