High-efficiency Mining program

In today's mining operations, increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing environmental footprint is key.

The NRC's High-efficiency Mining program develops sensing and maintenance technologies to support a sustainable, socially responsible and productive Canadian mining industry.

We work closely with equipment manufacturers and mine operators to tackle the most complex challenges facing the mining industry today and into the future.

From concept through to commercialization and use in industry, our smart mining technologies are transforming the resource extraction sector.

Collaborate with us

We collaborate with mining equipment and technology suppliers, systems integrators and mine operators on advanced sensors and maintenance technologies. Our activities are aligned with national priorities in the Canadian Minerals and Metals plan, and Canada's climate plan.

Technical services

To help advance your project, a team of over 50 NRC experts can provide advice and services in:

  • smart resource extraction: advanced sensors, monitoring and separation technologies for real-time analysis and fast decision-making
  • enhanced orebody knowledge: advanced characterization, analytics and high-resolution modelling
  • streamlined equipment maintenance: advanced asset monitoring sensors for predictive maintenance and enhanced safety in operations
  • increased equipment durability: material wear and corrosion management technologies

Research facilities

Equipment suppliers can test their mining sensors and other innovations at our state-of-the-art facilities in Boucherville, Ottawa and Vancouver.

  • Boucherville, Québec: Mining sensor hub including laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), laser ultrasonic labs, and ultrasonic monitoring technology development lab
  • Ottawa, Ontario: Powerful materials characterization and microscopy centres, including scanning electron microscope (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and X-ray diffraction (XRD)
  • Vancouver, British Columbia: Mining wear and corrosion test facility

Technology licensing

We develop, test, patent and license new sensor technologies for on-site and on-line analysis and monitoring of ore, processes, critical assets and structures. We have also developed sensors for equipment monitoring and maintenance. We work up to technology readiness level (TRL) 7 and provide commercial licences to the mining industry supply chain. We provide technology transfer assistance and support to our licensees.

Here are a few examples of technologies we have licenced to industry.

Contact us

Mohamad Sabsabi, Program Leader
Telephone: 450-641-5113

Yves Quenneville, Business Development Officer
Telephone: 514-496-8507
Email: Yves.Quenneville@cnrc-nrc.gc.ca

Targeted industries

Mining companies (hard rock and oil sands), technology and service suppliers (materials, chemicals, process technology, diagnostics, IT, sensors, analytical labs), original equipment manufacturers(OEMs), system integrators, consulting and engineering firms.

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