SNAP Composites industrial R&D group

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This circular diagram showing the various processes and factors that are studied by the SNAP Composites industrial R&D group, including: a material database; process modelling; automation, monitoring, and process optimization; weight-time-cost savings assessment; protyping and component integration; design and analysis.

SNAP Composites is a multi-partner research initiative led by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) focusing on low-cost manufacturing of advanced thermoset composites. Advanced thermoset composites are one of the leading alternatives for reducing vehicle weight and increasing mechanical performance. The NRC has extensive expertise in manufacturing thermoset composite solutions, covering all aspects of the development cycle: from material selection, design and simulation, to manufacturing and performance evaluation.

SNAP Composites investigates two processing families: RTM-compression moulding (SNAP RTM) and prepreg-compression moulding (SNAP PREG) to rapidly manufacture integrated structural composite parts with cycle time less than 2 minutes. The NRC is working to provide the most cost effective tailored material and process composite solutions to the transportation industry.

What is SNAP Composites

The NRC is bringing together leaders in the automotive sector to solve industry challenges of RTM-compression moulding and prepreg-compression moulding. Member companies who join SNAP Composites advise and partner on technology development and receive early access to the R&D results, giving them a competitive edge in process and product development.

What are SNAP Composites R&D priorities

SNAP Composites is aimed at developing Short cycle, Novel, Affordable Processes to manufacture complex geometries. This will help part manufacturers find innovative solutions for weight reduction, part integration and multi-material assembly.


  • RTM-compression moulding
  • Using rapid-cure resin technology and dry reinforcement
  • Lower capital investment compared to HP-RTM
  • Ideal for complex geometries with deep part draft
  • Ideal for components with near Class A surface requirements


  • Using low-cost prepregs with snap rapid-cure resin technology
  • Prepreg-compression moulding
  • Achieving rapid cycles times
  • Ideal for complex geometries with reduced part draft
  • Ideal for components with Class A surface requirements


  • Using low-cost, rapid-cure prepreg with discontinuous local reinforcements
  • Increase in geometry complexity (ribs, thickness variation, etc.) in one moulding step
  • Potential for net-shape component

Towards Industry 4.0

Both processes use automation and state-of-the-art sensing technology for process monitoring and quality control. Process data acquired from multiple sources will be stored in a centralized digital database and data analysis will be applied to further enable processes optimization.

Why join SNAP Composites

SNAP Composites brings together original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), tier 1 automotive suppliers, material suppliers, and mould makers across the supply chain to accelerate the commercialization of advanced composites by lowering the cost through the shared development resources. By joining SNAP Composites, your company can gain access to these technologies and expertise, lowering risk and costs. As a member, you help set the goals of SNAP Composites based on your company's priorities. NRC experts, in collaboration with industry partners, develop technologies in accordance with these priorities.

What SNAP Composites offers its members
  • Access to unique technologies, state-of-the art equipment, tooling and testing services:
    • Pinette 1250T hydraulic press
    • Polytec multi-component resin injection system
    • Fully equipped characterization labs: DSC, DMA, TEM, TGA, rheology and permeability measurement tester
    • Demonstrator tools
    • Quasi-static and fatigue mechanical characterization
  • Support in developing cutting-edge technologies at an affordable cost
  • Expertise in simulation, process modelling and process monitoring
  • Make use of skills and expertise that are aligned with your needs
  • Drive to expand your technical capabilities in the area of thermoset composite moulding

Contact us

You wish to join SNAP Composites? Contact us to find out how your company can benefit from this unique initiative.

Paul Trudeau, Project Manager
Telephone: 450-641-5149

David Prud'homme, Business Development Officer
Telephone: 438-270-9933
LinkedIn: David Prud'homme

Targeted industries

Parts manufacturers for light-duty vehicles (cars, vans and pickups), heavy-duty vehicles (buses, truck, trailers and specialized vehicles), vehicle makers (OEMs), material suppliers, composites part manufacturers.