SIGBLOW Blow molding simulation research group

Special interest group in blow molding simulation research

SIGBLOW is an NRC-led research group focussed on increasing the efficiency of the blow molding design process through the development of NRC's BlowView blow molding simulation software. BlowView software is only available to members of SIGBLOW.

SIGBLOW members are made up of global leaders from the automotive parts manufacturing, packaged goods and resin industries. These industry-expert members contribute to the continuous development and refinement of BlowView software, ensuring that it is based on industry requirements and the latest blow molding manufacturing technology and processes.

Current research projects:

  • Viscoelastic flow and die swell simulation
  • Blow molding optimization
  • Suction blow molding and air-parison interaction
  • Fibre orientation modelling
  • Developments of the graphical user interface
  • Warpage and shrinkage modelling
  • Heat-transfer modelling

"Ford highly recognizes the NRC's contributions and the developments in CAE simulations, especially in the extrusion blow molding and the suction blow molding areas. We strongly support the NRC's initiative to develop a collaborative simulation environment for the efficient design of complex automotive parts and assemblies. Its implications for the potential reduction of development times and costs are extremely promising and these productivity benefits would be felt throughout our supply chain."

Sami Siddiqui, Supervisor CAE Manufacturing,
ICE Propulsion and Thermal Systems Engineering (IPTSE), Ford Motor Company

"As a long-standing member of SIGBLOW, Kautex actively participates in the research alignment and relies on NRC BlowView software on a daily basis."

Haile Atsbha,
CAE Manager,Kautex Windsor Operations, Kautex

Members benefit from the competitive advantage of having exclusive access to the latest advances in BlowView blow molding simulation software, NRC laboratories, research, and technology information reviews.

  • Make use of skills and expertise that align with your priorities
  • Control, minimize and share the risks associated with new technology development
  • Obtain comprehensive, reliable results you can adapt to your needs
  • Expand your technical capabilities and become more competitive with improved quality, reduced costs and wastes, and decreased turnaround times
How SIGBLOW works

The NRC blow molding simulation research group activities are carried out according to priorities assigned by SIGBLOW members. Results are delivered to members on a continuous basis through face-to-face technology-transfer group meetings, video conference sessions, and individual member technical support. The resulting technology transfer is oriented for processors, material, mold and equipment suppliers, transportation, recreational and packaging sectors.

The NRC BlowView software is only available to NRC SIGBLOW members.

SIGBLOW members

Current SIGBLOW members include:

  • ABC Technologies
  • Agri-Industrial Plastics
  • Asahi Quality & Innovation
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • Coca-Cola R&D Tokyo
  • DSM Engineering Materials
  • Exo-s Inc.
  • Ford Motor Company
  • FTS Co. Ltd
  • Graham Packaging Company
  • Kautex Textron
  • Kyoraku Co. Ltd
  • Niagara Bottling
  • Ozler Plastik
  • Plastic Omnium
  • Plastic Omnium New Energies France
  • Sakamoto Research and Development Holdings
  • Silgan Plastics
  • Takeda Mold Co.
  • Terrabyte Co., Ltd.
  • TI Fluid Systems
  • Trinseo
  • Walbro

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Contact us

SIGBLOW is accepting new members. For more info, please contact:

David Prud'homme, Business Development Officer
Telephone: 438-270-9933
LinkedInDavid Prud'homme

Targeted industries

Automotive parts manufacturing, packaged goods and resin industries

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