Confidentiality of business information

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) provides clients and collaborators with assistance in developing and using technology. When seeking our assistance, you may choose to provide us with confidential or proprietary information. If the NRC agrees to receive such information it will take steps to safeguard it.

Built-in safeguards to protect confidential information

Information for evaluating a potential project or negotiating a business arrangement

All NRC employees are required to maintain confidentiality under the terms of their employment and must request only the information they need in order to assist you. However, you are free to decide what information you would like to share with the NRC.

The NRC takes reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to your confidential information, whether it is stored physically or electronically. The NRC may, however, be legally obligated to disclose certain information under specific conditions. For example, the Access to Information Act, may require the NRC to disclose certain information unless the information falls under one of the exemptions in accordance with the Act (namely the exemption on disclosing third party information).

Information on a specific project or business arrangement

To protect  confidential or proprietary information, the NRC includes a confidentiality clause in all standard agreements for project collaboration, technical or testing services, research services, technology licenses and other services that covers the term of your project or business arrangement and for a mutually agreed upon period afterwards.

Protecting your information

You can help us safeguard your confidential information by:

  • Providing us with only the information we ask for and for the purpose indicated
  • Clearly marking sensitive information as Confidential, Proprietary or Protected (or similar label)

Contact us

You can reach the NRC by email at or by telephone at 1-877-NRC-CNRC (1-877-672-2672).