Blueprint to data

Blueprint to data showcases the NRC's capabilities in design, fabrication, and testing. Using the recent half-model test campaign of the NASA common reference model, we take you through all stages, from the initial consultation to testing in our trisonic wind tunnel to final data transfer. Contact us for all your design needs.

Blueprint to data - Transcript

(Captions are not available for this video - please see transcript below)

On screen: Blueprint to data

On screen: Bring us the design you want to test and we will make it a reality

On screen: We are ITAR cleared

On screen: Computer-aided design (CAD) of your concept

On screen: Finite element analysis

On screen: On-site fabrication

On screen: 5-axis high speed milling, Multi-axis turning, CNC machining centres and lathes, Wire and die-sink electrical discharge machining, Waterjet cutting, Pressure tap installation

On screen: 1.5 m trisonic wind tunnel

On screen: Half model test assembly

On screen: Other mounts:

  • Sting mount
  • Stores release

On screen: Model deformation measurements during wind tunnel test

On screen: Wind tunnel capabilities:

  • Speed range: Mach 0.1 to 4.25
  • Reynolds numbers up to 80 x 106/m

On screen: Come see what NRC can do for you

On screen: FIP

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