Altitude icing wind tunnel

Altitude icing wind tunnel - Transcript

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On screen: Altitude icing wind tunnel

On screen: Develop, test and certify aircraft ice detection and air data probes

On screen: Develop and test de-icing and anti-icing systems

On screen: Evaluate ice accretion on aircraft components

On screen: Simulate flight at altitudes as high as 40,000 ft

On screen: Customized data processing and computational fluid dynamics simulations

On screen: Simulates temperatures from -40°C to +30°C

On screen: Air velocity: 5 to 180 m/s (Mach 0.015 to 0.53)

On screen: Test results accepted by certification authorities such as Transport Canada, US FAA, and EASA

On screen: De-risk your product design in the Altitude Icing Wind Tunnel

On screen: National Research Council Canada

On screen: Canada Wordmark

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