360° video: Manufacturing and Automotive Innovation Hub research facility

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360° video: Manufacturing and Automotive Innovation Hub research facility - Transcript

Welcome to the National Research Council of Canada's Manufacturing and Automotive Innovation Hub. Located on the campus of the Western University in London, Ontario, this collaborative workspace brings the NRC and the industry together to partner with the scientific community to perform and demonstrate leading-edge research in advanced manufacturing and connected and autonomous vehicle technologies.

With over 20 years in automotive and advanced manufacturing research, the NRC is leading the way in several areas.

[On screen:

  • Laser-based
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Surface functionalization
  • Microfabrication manufacturing technologies]

In our automotive labs, clients can work shoulder-to-shoulder with our experts on the development of emerging sensors and software for autonomous vehicles.

[On screen: Automotive Labs

  • 2 x 1,500 square feet vehicle bay
  • 2 x 1,500 square feet mechatronics labs for product development]

The automotive labs consist of 2 vehicle bays which have vehicle lifts and automotive shop capabilities. There are also 2 mechatronics labs for product development.

[On screen: Creation of high definition maps critical to autonomous driving]

Using high-definition maps, we can assist clients in providing critical measurements of products' performance to better evaluate their applications.

[On screen: Hardware-in-the-loop

  • Reducing product development time and costs]

We can replicate vehicles' electrical system to trial sensors and software on a bench top, prior to testing them out on a vehicle.

The NRC also uses a unique system as the baseline for comparable data for its clients. It can correctly and effectively record important information necessary for further analysis and optimization.

Digital factory

Central to our digital factory is the use of data in real time to identify process disruption and defects, to make smart changes in parameters, and make overall operations more efficient, reliable and traceable.

As innovators in the digital factory field, the NRC specialists created a novel framework for the collection of real-time data.

[On screen: Digital Factory cloud graphic – Safety, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Emissions]

NRC are experts in high-precision, multi-axis hybrid micromachining including micro-milling, fly-cutting, single-point cutting, drilling and texturing – which can be used to decrease cost and production time, and enhance product performance and functionality.

We have a stationary 5-axis KUKA 14 kilogram payload robot and a universal robot on a mobile platform.

[On screen: KUKA robot]

In addition, we have a 6-axis ABB robot with a 5 kilowatt laser for the scale up and commercialization of laser processes.

[On screen: CNC machine]

One of the NRC London's key technology areas of expertise is in laser consolidation, an additive manufacturing technology using a laser-based directed energy deposition process. This technology enables manufacturers to produce complex, functional components directly from CAD designs, which are impossible to manufacture by conventional methods.

Our industry-experienced staff brings specialties and some of the most sought-after expertise. All to help clients reduce their research and development time and bring their products to market faster.

At the National Research Council, we are at the forefront of manufacturing and transportation technologies to help Canadian companies compete in the global market.

Thank you for visiting.

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