BlowView blow molding simulation software

Reduce design times and optimize your manufacturing process and part performance with BlowView software

The NRC's BlowView blow molding simulation software is the world's leading dedicated blow molding and thermoforming simulation software package developed for the design and optimization of thermoplastic components.

BlowView is a complete, affordable and industry-proven 2.5D finite element simulation software designed to model the most advanced methods of the plastic blow molding manufacturing process. It is the only dedicated software capable of simulating and optimizing blow molding and thermoforming processes such as:

  • extrusion blow molding
  • twin-sheet extrusion blow molding
  • suction blow molding
  • stretch blow molding
  • type 4 hydrogen tank liner blow molding
  • thermoforming (NRC FormView thermoforming software)

This versatile blow molding simulation software is highly automated, flexible and user friendly, and offers the ability to conduct in-depth analyses for a wide range of materials, from the extruder to the final part product design.

BlowView allows engineers to predict product manufacturability and performance through information such as final part thickness distributions, impact of processing parameters and technologies (VWDS, PWDS, SFDR, DSM, RWTC, RWDS), part cooling and warpage, permeability, and formation of molding defects such as folding and excessive stretch ratios.

Through its unique software development research group SIGBLOW, the NRC has continued to evolve BlowView software to model the latest blow molding manufacturing processes in close collaboration with some of the world's leading consumer and automotive plastics manufacturers.

"Ford highly recognizes the NRC's contributions and the developments in CAE simulations, especially in the extrusion blow molding and the suction blow molding areas. We strongly support the NRC's initiative to develop a collaborative simulation environment for the efficient design of complex automotive parts and assemblies. Its implications for the potential reduction of development times and costs are extremely promising and these productivity benefits would be felt throughout our supply chain."

Sami Siddiqui, Supervisor CAE Manufacturing,
ICE Propulsion and Thermal Systems Engineering (IPTSE), Ford Motor Company

"As a long-standing member of SIGBLOW, Kautex actively participates in the research alignment and relies on NRC BlowView software on a daily basis."

Haile Atsbha,
CAE Manager,Kautex Windsor Operations, Kautex
Process simulation capabilities
  • Flow in the die
  • Complex parison/sheet extrusion formation with sag and swell effect under anisothermal conditions
  • Parison inflation with multiple tooling manipulation
  • Heat transfer between material/mold/air
  • Preform inline and preferential heating
  • Permeability and barrier layer optimization
  • Cooling in-mold with shrinkage/residual stress prediction
  • Cooling out-of-mold with warpage prediction
  • User-friendly pre- and post-processing interface
  • Materials database
Key benefits
  • Optimize design and process with virtual prototyping
  • Reduce design-to-manufacture time
  • Optimize part weight while assuring structural part performance and permeability
  • Predict potential wrinkling, buckling and part thinning problems
  • Reduce re-tooling cost by anticipating design and process flaws
  • Decrease costly trial-and-error procedures and avoid environmental waste

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