Biography: François Cordeau

François Cordeau

Vice-President, Office of Facilities Renewal Management

François Cordeau was appointed Vice-President, Office of Facilities Renewal Management in October 2022. In this role, he leads the prioritization and delivery of future NRC facility recapitalization projects.

Since joining the NRC in 2013, Mr. Cordeau occupied various senior management roles. From General Manager of the Information and Communications Technologies portfolio, he went on to serve as Vice-President of the Emerging Technologies – Platforms division, and later as Vice-President of the Engineering division. He was appointed as Vice-President of the Transportation and Manufacturing division in 2017 where he spearheaded the NRC's Advanced Manufacturing program and the new research facility in Winnipeg.

More recently, he served as Vice-President of Business and Professional Services (2020-2022). His extensive experience at the NRC and in the private sector also served him well in leading a special project to simplify internal processes in order to find efficiencies that will benefit both the NRC and its employees.

Prior to joining the NRC, he was heavily involved in the high-tech sector, as President of Roctest Ltd. and its subsidiary FISO Technologies Inc. He also held various leadership positions at Mitel Corporation including Senior VP and General Manager of its semiconductor division. He was involved in many acquisitions throughout the world.

Mr. Cordeau is a graduate of the Université de Sherbrooke in electrical engineering and holds a master's degree in the same field from the University of Waterloo. He also has a diploma in Business Administration from the Université de Sherbrooke.