Biography: Alain Beaudoin

Alain Beaudoin

Vice-President, Business and Professional Services

Alain Beaudoin was appointed Vice-President of Business and Professional Services in October 2022, taking on the responsibility for Knowledge, Information and Technology Services, National Programs and Business Services, International Innovation Office and Design and Fabrication Services.

Prior to joining the NRC, Alain was at the Privy Council Office as Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Results and Delivery since January 2018.

In June 2014, Alain joined FedDev Ontario as the Vice-President, Policy, Partnerships and Performance Management, where he also assumed the role of Vice-President, Business, Innovation and Community Development from April 2015 to May 2016.

Alain has had a varied career with the federal government beginning with a series of increasingly senior roles at the Privy Council Office (Intergovernmental Affairs), before joining Health Canada. He also worked in the Prime Minister's Office and joined Industry Canada in 2003 as Senior Director, Policy (Industry Sector).

Starting in 2005, Alain has held a number of positions at the director general level at Industry Canada, notably with the Innovation Partnership Branch, the Security and Prosperity Partnership Secretariat, the Communications and Marketing Branch, and the Information and Communications Technologies Branch. Alain was also the Acting Assistant Deputy Minister of Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunications (SITT) from October 2012 until July 2013.

Alain holds a master's and bachelor's degree in arts and sciences (political science) from the University of Montréal.