Teagen Quilichini

Roles and responsibilities

- Research Associate in the Aquatic and Crop Resource Development (ACRD) division -

Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to research excellence and strive to advance the scientific contributions and impact made by NRC

Current research and/or projects

Targeted trait improvement of the Pisum sativum (pea) seed coat (SPP Project)

Programming Brassica seed coat to improve processing and protein quality (ACRD Project)

Examining peak potency and harvest timing in Cannabis sativa using synchrotron 3D chemical imaging (New Beginnings Project)


Research and/or project statements

Developmental, genetic and molecular dissection of factors contributing to seed coat formation.


Doctor of Philosophy, Botany                                                                                  2008-2014

Department of Botany, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia

Advisors: Dr. Carl Douglas, Dr. Lacey Samuels


Bachelor of Science (Honours)                                                                                 2003-2008

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

Supervisor: Dr. Doug Muench

Professional activities/interests

Coordinator, 500 Women Scientists Saskatoon Pod


Member of the Canadian Society of Plant Biologists (CSPB/SCBV), American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) and 500 Women Scientists


Taylor A. Steeves Award                                                                                       2014

Selected by the Canadian Botanical Association. Awarded first place publication in the area of plant development, structure or morphology for Quilichini et al. 2014 Annals of Botany

Ragai Ibrahim Award Honourable Mention                                                          2014

Selected by the Canadian Society of Plant Biologists. Honourable mention for the Quilichini et al., 2014 Plant Cell publication

Best Poster Presentation                                                                                       2014

International meeting hosted by American and Canadian Societies of Plant Biologists, Portland, Oregon. Awarded Canadian Society of Plant Biologist best senior student poster presentation

Mitacs Elevate Fellowship                                                                                      2014-2016

Funding industry-academic post-doctoral research with Anandia Laboratories and UBC

1st Place, Student Oral Presentation                                                                      2012

International Conference on Plant Metabolism, Banff       

Postgraduate Scholarship (NSERC PGS-D2)                                                        2010-2012

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Four-Year Fellowship                                                                                               2010

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Faculty of Science Graduate Award                                                                       2010   

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Dr. Steiner Cancer Research Foundation Special Fellowship                              2010

International Meeting on ABC Proteins, Innsbruck, Austria.

Postgraduate Scholarship (NSERC PGS-M)                                                         2008-2010

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Graduate Entrance Scholarship                                                                              2008

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Reg Prince Memorial Prize in Botany                                                                     2007

University of Calgary, Department of Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Research Experience Award                                                         2007

University of Calgary, Faculty of Science



Effective Supervision, Postdoctoral Fellows Office, UBC                                             2016

Career Professionalism, Mitacs Step                                                                            2015

Communication Skills, Mitacs Step                                                                               2015

NSERC Grant Writing, Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, UBC                                    2015

Managing Human Resources in R&D, Mitacs Elevate                                                  2014

Presentation Skills training, Mitacs Step                                                                        2014

Networking Skills training, Mitacs Step                                                                          2014

WordPress Basics, Centre for Teaching & Learning, UBC                                            2013

Sustainable Food two-day course, UBC Continuing Studies                                         2012

Mentor Development Workshop, UBC                                                                            2012

Biology Program Teaching Assistant Professional Development Certificate             2011-2013

Photoshop Level One, UBC Continuing Studies                                                             2011

Intellectual Property, Mitacs Step                                                                                    2011

Instructional Skills Workshop, UBC                                                                                 2010

Entrepreneurship Workshop, funded by UBC NSERC CREATE grant                           2010

Project Management Workshop, funded by UBC NSERC CREATE grant                      2010

Science in the Media, Faculty of Graduate Studies                                                         2010

Key publications

  • Nilsen, K.T., S. Walkowiak, D. Xiang, P. Gao, T.D. Quilichini, I.R. Willick, B. Byrns, A. N’Diaye, J. Enns, K. Wiebe, Y. Ruan, M. Craze, E.J. Wallington, J. Simmonds, C. Uauy, R. Datla, and C.J. Pozniak (2020) Copy number variation of TdDof controls solid-stemmed architecture in wheat. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Qin, L., Z. Zhou, Q. Li, C. Zhai, L. Liu, T.D. Quilichini, P. Gao, S.A. Kessler, Y. Jaillais, R. Datla, G. Peng, D. Xiang, Y. Wei (2020) Specific recruitment of phosphoinositide species to the plant-pathogen interfacial membrane underlies Arabidopsis susceptibility to fungal infection. The Plant Cell 32(5): 1665-1688.
  • Quilichini, T.D.*, Xiang, D.*, Z. Liu, P. Gao, Y. Pan, Q. Li, K.T. Nilsen, P. Venglat, E. Esteban, A. Pasha, Y. Wang, R. Wen, Z. Zhang, Z. Hao, E. Wang, Y. Wei, R. Cuthbert, L.V. Kochian, A. Sharpe, N. Provart, D. Weijers, C.S. Gillmor, C. Pozniak, R. Datla (2019) The transcriptional landscape of polyploid wheats and their diploid ancestors during embryogenesis and grain development. The Plant Cell 31(12): 2888-2911.

               * co-first author

  • Quilichini, T.D.*, Livingston S.J.*, J.K. Booth, D.C.J. Wong, K.H. Rensing, J. Laflamme-Yonkman, S.D. Castellarin, J. Bohlmann, J.E. Page, A.L. Samuels (2019) Cannabis flowers are dominated by unique stalked glandular trichomes. The Plant Journal 101(1): 37-56.

                 *co-first author. Includes publication of image by T.D. Quilichini as journal cover

  • Gao, P., Xiang, D., Quilichini, T. D., Venglat, P., Pandey, P. K., Wang, E., ... & Datla, R. (2019). Gene expression atlas of embryo development in Arabidopsis. Plant reproduction, 32(1), 93-104.
  • Quilichini, T. D., Gao, P., Pandey, P. K., Xiang, D., Ren, M., & Datla, R. (2019). A role for TOR signaling at every stage of plant life. Journal of experimental botany, 70(8), 2285-2296.
  • Pandey, P. K., Quilichini, T. D., Vaid, N., Gao, P., Xiang, D., & Datla, R. (2019). Versatile and multifaceted CRISPR/Cas gene editing tool for plant research. In Seminars in cell & developmental biology. Academic Press.
  • Deng, Y., R. Srivastava, T.D. Quilichini, H. Dong, Y. Bao, H.T. Horner, S.H. Howell (2016) IRE1, a component of the unfolded protein response signaling pathway, protects pollen development in Arabidopsis from heat stress. The Plant Journal 88(2): 193-204.
  • Quilichini, T. D., A.L. Samuels, C.J. Douglas (2015) Analysis of developing pollen grains within intact Arabidopsis thaliana anthers by Olympus two-photon laser scanning microscopy. Bio-protocol 5(23): e1677. http://www.bio-protocol.org/e1677
  • Quilichini, T.D., E. Grienenberger, C.J. Douglas (2015) The biosynthesis, composition and assembly of the sporopollenin-based outer pollen wall: a tough case to crack. Phytochemistry 113: 170-182.
  • Quilichini, T.D., A.L. Samuels, C.J. Douglas (2014) ABCG26-mediated polyketide trafficking and hydroxycinnamoyl spermidines contribute to pollen wall exine formation in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 26(11): 4483-4498. 

               * Ragai Ibrahim Award Honourable Mention, CSPB

  • Quilichini, T.D., C.J. Douglas, A.L. Samuels (2014) New views of tapetum ultrastructure and pollen exine development in Arabidopsis thaliana. Annals of Botany 114(6): 1189-1201.    

               * First place winner of Taylor A. Steeves Award, Canadian Botanical Association

  • Qin, P., B. Tu, Y. Wang, L. Deng, T.D. Quilichini, T. Ling, H. Wang, B. Ma, S. Li (2012) ABCG15 Encodes an ABC Transporter Protein, and is Essential for Post-meiotic Anther and Pollen Exine Development in Rice. Plant Cell Physiology 54: 138-154.
  • Quilichini, T.D., M. Friedmann, A.L. Samuels, C.J. Douglas (2010) ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter G26 is required for male fertility and pollen exine formation in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 154: 678-690.
  • Quilichini, T.D., and D.G. Muench (2008) The microtubule proteome: A role in regulating protein synthesis and import into organelles? In: The Plant Cytoskeleton: a Key Tool for Agro-Biotechnology. YB Blume et al., ed. NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C - Environmental Security, pp. 267-281.

Previous work experience

Postdoctoral Fellow, UBC and Tilray, Nanaimo Licensed Producer                  2016

NSERC Engage

Postdoctoral Fellow, UBC and Anandia Laboratories Inc.                                  2014-2016

Mitacs Elevate

Teagen Quilichini

Teagen Quilichini

Assistant Research Officer
Aquatic and Crop Resource Development
110 Gymnasium Place
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 0W9
Preferred language: English
Telephone: 306-975-5580

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