Robert Black


Roles and responsibilities

Research Officer at NRC Mississauga

Initiative and project lead with activities related to accelerated material discovery, laboratory automation, and applied machine learning/AI for experimentation

Research interests in the areas of green energy and electrochemistry (electrocatalysis, energy storage), high-throughput/intelligent throughput experimentation, in-situ/operando characterization, and data science

Current research and/or projects

Self-driving laboratory for accelerated material discovery of OER catalysts

In-situ/Operando characterization methods for the CO2 reduction reaction

Printable compostable batteries


Research and/or project statements

Accelerating the experimental workflow through coupling of automation, machine learning, and data infrastructure for a paradigm shift in the way we conduct research.


PhD, Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology) - University of Waterloo


Alliance for AI-Accelerated Material Discovery (A3MD)

Acceleration Consortium (AC)

Materials for Clean Fuels Challenge Program (MCF)

Robert Black

Robert Black

Assistant Research Officer
Energy, Mining and Environment
Preferred language: English
Telephone: 416-829-5079


Energy, Advanced / Alternative Fuels, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Data Science