Chantal Paquet

Roles and responsibilities

Research Officer – Developing conductive molecular inks for printable electronics.  Developing novel photo-resin used to generate multi-material 3D printed objects.  Developing ply sensors for laminate movement during molding.

 Project LeaderLeading the research efforts towards developing multi-material photo-resins compatible with 3D printing.

Current research and/or projects

  • Development of materials for 2D and 3D printed electronics: molecular conductive inks, 3D printable materials.

Research and/or project statements

  • Multi-material photo-resins compatible with 3D printing: Fabrication of 3D objects with silver nanoparticle and graphene coatings and superhydrophobic surfaces. 
  • Conductive inks for 2D. Fabrication of stretchable conductors, sensors and transparent conducting meshes.


  • B.Sc (Hons. Coop) Chemistry, University of Guelph, 2000; M.Sc. Chemistry, University of Toronto 2002, Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Toronto, 2006

Professional activities/interests

  • Macromolecular science and engineering division/The Chemical Institute of Canada: Graduate student award coordinator


  • NRC OAA Technology to Market (Team award) – 2017

Inventions and patents

  • 1 granted and 8 pending patents encompassing nanomaterials for catalysis and electronics. Active licenses for conductive inks.

Key publications

see Google Scholar Page for full listing of publications and patents:


Selected publications:

  1. Chantal Paquet , Thomas Lacelle, Xiangyang Liu, Bhavana Deore, Arnold J. Kell, S. Lafrenière, Patrick R. L. Malenfant “The role of amine ligands in governing film morphology and electrical properties of copper films derived from copper formate-based molecular inks” Nanoscale, 10 (15), 2018,, 6911-6921.
  2. Arnold J. Kell, Chantal Paquet, Olga Mozenson, Iden Djavani-Tabrizi, Bhavana Deore, Xiangyang Liu, Gregory P. Lopinski, Robert James, Khelifa. Hettak, Jafar. Shaker, A. Momciu, Julie Ferrigno, Olivier Ferrand, Jian Xiong Hu, Sylive Lafrenière, Patrick R.L. Malenfant “Versatile Molecular Silver Ink Platform for Printed Flexible Electronics” ACS Appl. Mater. & Interf. 9 (20), 2017, 17226-17237.
  3. Chantal Paquet, Thomas Lacelle, Bhavana Deore, Arnold J. Kell, Xiangyang Liu, Ilia Korobkov, Patrick R.L. Malenfant “Pyridine-copper (II) formates for the generation of high conductivity copper films at low temperatures”  Chemical Communications,  52 (12) 2016, 2605-2608.
  4. Chantal Paquet, Robert James, Arnold J. Kell, Olga Mozenson, Julie Ferrigno, Sylivie Lafrenière, Patrick R.L. Malenfant  “Photosintering and electrical performance of CuO nanoparticle inks” Organic Electronics: Physics, Materials and Application, 15 (8) 2014 1836-1842.
  5. Chantal Paquet, Zygmunt  Jakubek, Benoit Simard “Superparamagnetic Microspheres with Controlled Macroporosity Generated in Microfluidic Devices “ ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces ,4 (9) 2012, 4934-4941.
  6. Michael  J. Shields, Kristen R. Hahn, Timothy W. Janzen, N. Goji, Matthew C. Thomas, César I.B. Kingombe, Chantal Paquet, Arnold J. Kell, Kingsley K. Amoako “Immunomagnetic Capture of Bacillus anthracis Spores from Food” Journal of Food Protection, 75 (7)  2012, 1243-1248.
  7. Chantal Paquet, Shannon Ryan, Shan Zou, Arnold Kell, Jamshid Tanha, John. Hulse, Lilin Tay, Benoit Simard “Multifunctional Nanoprobes for Pathogen-Selective Capture and Detection” Chem. Comm, 48 (4) 2012, 561-563.
  8. Chantal Paquet, Hendrick W. de Haan, Hungyu Lin, Bo Xiang, Donald M. Leek, Arnold Kell, Ganghong Tian, Benoit Simard “Clusters of SPIONs Encapsulated in a Hydrogel: a Particle Architecture Generating a Synergistic Enhancement of the T2 Relaxation” ACS Nano 5 (4) 2011, 3104-3112.
  9. Hendrick W. de Haan, Chantal Paquet “Enhancement and Degradation of the R2* Relaxation Rate Resulting from the Encapsulation of Magnetic Particles with Hydrophilic Coatings” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine , 66 (6) 2011,1759-1766. 
  10. Chantal Paquet, Lilianne Pagé, Arnold Kell, Benoit Simard “Nanobeads Highly Loaded with Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles Prepared by Emulsification and Seeded-Emulsion Polymerization” Langmuir, 26 (8) 2010, 5388-5396.


Previous work experience

Sept-Dec 2000

  • Technical Officer, Institute of Chemical Process and Environmental Technology, NRC

May-Aug 2000

  • Research Assistant (co-op), Institute of Chemical Process and Environmental Technology, NRC

Sept-Dec 1999

  • Research Assistant (co-op), Xerox Research Center of Canada

May-Aug 1999

  • Research Assistant (co-op), Department of Chemistry, University of Guelph

Sept 1996- Apr 1997

  • Research Assistant (co-op), Glaxo Wellcome Canada

Chantal Paquet

Senior Research Officer
Quantum and Nanotechnologies
100 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Preferred language: English
Other(s): English, French
Telephone: 613-993-7830


Materials, Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Polymer Composites, Polymers, Smart Materials