Acoustical standards calibration services


Please note our prices are subject to change.


The uncertainties quoted in the descriptions below are expanded uncertainties representing a confidence level of approximately 95 % .

Consultation services:

  • pertaining to national and international acoustical standards, legislation and regulations;
  • acoustical calibrations and measurements;
  • noise and vibration problems including accelerometer calibration;
  • acoustical measurement and calibration system design;
  • precision mechanical, electrical, and electro-acoustical designs and system implementation; and
  • ultrasound power measurements and calibrations, and transducer design.


Specialized space available includes an anechoic chamber with a low frequency cut-off at about 100 Hz , a relatively large measurement space ( 5.8 m x 3.7 m x 3.4 m ) for indoor free-field measurements, and complementary acoustical instrumentation.

The chamber is equipped with an array of calibrated sound pressure microphones, turntables, and a full instrumentation suite. For specialized measurements, numerous hangers are provided throughout the chamber for suspending test equipment and there is a removable floor to provide access to the entire space inside the chamber. Air-handling units provide a supply of fresh air to the chamber while maintaining noise below the minimum audible field.

The chamber is ideal for accurate characterization of products generating or receiving sound.

Fees for service

If you wish to order a calibration service, please request a quote from one of the following technical contacts:

Dr. Lixue Wu
Telephone: 613-993-6966

Peter Hanes
Telephone: 613-998-1282

Note that fees for measurement and calibration services are subject to change. The fees for service quoted do not include shipping, insurance or the cost of a customs broker. The client must arrange and pay for these services separately.

Calibration number Description Fee
A33-01-00-00 Custom measurements Fee on request
A33-01-00-01 Handling fee for instrument unsuitable for calibration. A fee is charged for any instrument found to be unsuitable for calibration. This fee covers receipt, inspection and return of the instrument and any work done prior to discovery of the fault. $310


Calibration number Description Fee
A33-01-01-01 Pressure sensitivity level of measurement microphone by the reciprocity technique. Measurement of the pressure sensitivity levels of up to 2 Laboratory Standard measurement microphones of the same type by the reciprocity method of IEC 61094-2 $5,835

Sound level calibrators

Calibration number Description Fee
A33-01-03-01 Sound calibrator - single level/frequency setting. Measurement of sound pressure level, frequency and total distortion of a sound calibrator that provides a single level setting and a single frequency setting. $1,200
A33-01-03-05 Sound calibrator - multifrequency and multilevel. Measurement of sound pressure level, frequency and total distortion of a multi-frequency, multi-level sound calibrator. $3,695
A33-01-03-06 Sound calibrator - two level settings and one frequency setting. Measurement of sound pressure level, frequency and total distortion of a sound calibrator that provides two level settings and a single frequency setting. $1,340


Calibration number Description Fee
A33-01-04-01 Acceleration measuring chain - interferometric measurement over full frequency range. Measurement of voltage sensitivity of acceleration measuring chain (or accelerometer alone, by arrangement) by absolute interferometric measurement ( ISO 16063-11 methods 1 and 2) at one-third-octave band centre frequencies from 10 Hz or 16 Hz (by arrangement) to 5 KHz . $3,930

Medical ultrasound measurement and calibration

Calibration number Description Fee
A33-01-05-01 Loan of a calibrated portable NRC ultrasound power balance. A calibrated portable NRC ultrasound power balance, which has a range of 10 W , is delivered to the client's address by courier service. The client may use the balance for two days before returning the balance to the NRC by courier service. An additional $100 per day is added to the fee if the balance remains with the client for more than 2 days. The balance is calibrated upon return and the client notified in writing. Fee on request
A33-01-05-02 Power output of medical ultrasound devices for diagnostics or physiotherapy. Measurement of the power output of medical ultrasound devices such as those used in diagnostics and physiotherapy. The output of one or two probes of a device is measured, at a maximum of five power settings in the range from 0.5 W to 5 W . Fee on request

Anechoic Chamber

Calibration number Description Fee
A33-01-06-01 Initial setup and closing fee. $270
A33-01-06-02 This service provides access to Anechoic Chamber by hour with a minimum booking of 4 hours. $240/hour
A33-01-06-03 This service provides use of Anechoic Chamber by working day. $1740/ working day
A33-01-06-04 This service provides NRC technical support/measurement services by the hour. $220/hour