Nancy Déziel

Nancy Deziel

Director General
Centre national en électrochimie et en technologies environnementales (CNETE)

Nancy Déziel studied analytical chemistry and has been working actively with the College Centres for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTTs) for over 23 years.

She started as a laboratory technician, moving to quality lead, project lead, business development officer, and finally director general with the Centre national en électrochimie et en technologies environnementales (CNETE). She helped set up laboratories at the Centre technologique des résidus industriels (CTRI). She has also worked as a technology advisor with Réseau Trans-Tech in the agriculture, food and biotechnology sectors. She is familiar with the industrial context and cares about economic diversification, partnerships, and networks, leading her to be active in several organizations. Ms. Déziel is the president of Réseau Trans-Tech; chair of the board of directors of RCTi; vice-president of FRQ-NT; secretary-treasurer of SADC Centre-de-la-Mauricie, Incubateur Mauricie, Économie du Savoir Mauricie, and Office de tourisme de Shawinigan; member of the advisory board of Tech-Access Canada; and administrator of Écotech Québec, ADRIQ-RCTi, and Fonds de développement économique LaPrade St-Maurice. She chaired the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Shawinigan from 2011 to 2013.

Ms. Déziel is also a Shawinigan city councillor for the district de la rivière. Her objectives are to develop her environment, help make SMEs more competitive, and create an innovation- and knowledge-based economy.

April 2017