Biography: Marie Gagné

Marie Gagné

President and CEO

For nearly 20 years, Ms. Gagné has been a manager for companies and organizations involved in research. With experience in industrial research acquired in a start-up company based on university research results, experience in academic research acquired in a university research transfer company, and experience in applied research acquired for more than 10 years at Synchronex, the network of college centres for the transfer of technologies and social practices (CCTTs), she has a thorough knowledge of the Quebec and Canadian innovation ecosystem and of the issues related to the use of knowledge for the purposes of promotion, commercialization and transfer.

As President and CEO of Synchronex, Ms. Gagné works to maximize the impact of the collective and individual expertise of the CCTTs in innovation and applied research in the socio-economic development of Quebec and Canada, both through an increased transfer of more innovative processes, practices and products to the user community, and by contributing to the development of a highly qualified and innovative workforce. For her, academic knowledge must lead to collective socio-economic wealth.

Ms. Gagné is a member of the Ordre des administrateurs agrées.