Alternative hard-surface disinfectant formulas for Canadians (ASDFC)

The COVID-19 pandemic created an immediate and ongoing need for hard-surface disinfectants in Canada to help mitigate the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

With raw materials in high demand globally, the National Research Council of Canada is leading an initiative to mitigate supply-chain shortages, expedite Canadian regulatory approvals, and ensure disinfectant producers can continue to deliver safe and reliable products for Canadians during the pandemic and beyond.

Working in collaboration with partners across government and industry, the NRC has developed 3 alternative formulations to produce hard-surface disinfectants in Canada. The formulations will use ingredients more readily available from domestic supply chains. These formulations will be made accessible, free of charge, to qualified Canadian producers.

The NRC's alternative formulations have also been designed for scaled production. Each formula has undergone efficacy and stability testing and has been reviewed by Health Canada to provide Canadian producers with a streamlined and expedited approach to register and manufacture new hard-surface disinfectants.

Please note: Health Canada approval is required before commercializing the formulations below.

The following formulations have been vetted:

  • Disinfectant containing sodium hypochlorite
  • Disinfectant containing hydrogen peroxide
  • Disinfectant containing citric acid

The ASDFC initiative serves to strengthen Canada's domestic production capacity for hard-surface disinfectants. It provides a national contingency plan to meet existing pandemic needs, but also addresses future health crises.

To participate:

To register your interest in using the NRC's alternative hard-surface disinfectant formulations, please contact confirming that your firm meets the following criteria and providing proof of eligibility.

  • Your firm is a Canadian entity (Action: provide business address and proof of incorporation)
  • Your firm is in the business of manufacturing disinfectant products and has at least one DIN approved (Action: provide existing Drug Identification Number-DIN)
  • Your firm has a minimum liability insurance of $2M per claim (Action: provide a copy of current liability insurance)

Only firms that meet the above eligibility requirements will be contacted.

Please note the NRC is not obligated to provide technical assistance beyond the sharing of the "alternative hard-surface disinfectant" formulation compositions and the accompanying documentation for obtaining a DIN from Health Canada.