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Annick D'Auteuil

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Aerospace
Diana Facchini

- Mississauga, Ontario

Research Centre: Security and Disruptive Technologies
Allison Kennedy

- St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Research Centre: Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering
Marie-Ève Lalonde

- Montreal, Quebec

Research Centre: Human Health Therapeutics
Michele Loewen

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Aquatic and Crop Resource Development
Jennifer Brost

- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Research Centre: Aquatic and Crop Resource Development

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Digital Technologies

- Boucherville, Quebec

Research Centre: Medical Devices
Recognizing that we can accomplish much more by working with others than on our own, the NRC embarked on a bold initiative in 2018‑19: to create collaboration centres with leading Canadian organizations in order to accelerate science excellence and technology development. All of these centres will have a "dedicated" physical location at the NRC, or on partner property, where researchers from both organizations will share access to specialized equipment, work side by side on collaborative projects, and provide training opportunities for young scientists.

- Ottawa, Ontario

Research Centre: Design and Fabrication services
The hallmark of the National Research Council's (NRC)Design and Fabrication Services Branch is its ability to work with NRC researchers in a responsive, collaborative manner, leveraging the diverse capabilities of the branch in direct support of important research and technical services. This is the case even if the work must move from one part of the country to another to stay at the pace of innovation. With 13 shops spread across Canada, Design and Fabrication Services delivers design and fabrication services that meet demanding requirements for apparatus, fixturing, experiment setups and technical services for the NRC's contributions to academia, industry and major international partnerships.