Yang Qi, PhD

- Ottawa, Ontario

Yang Qi completed his PhD in electrical and computer engineering at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, in May 2023. He had several offers from American universities, but he chose to work with Dr. Ben Wu, his professor's former lab mate who was starting his own lab at Rowan University. It was a wonderful opportunity to help grow a new lab led by another young researcher who already had many important publications to his name.

Accepted into his postdoctoral fellowship at the NRC in August 2023, Yang works with Dr. Zhenguo Lu. Yang's research project focuses on the NRC-built quantum dot multi-wavelength lasers for ultra-broadband optical coherent communications and high-speed 5G and beyond wireless networks. Quantum dots are extremely small semiconductor nanoparticles (between 1.5 nm and 10 nm) that have optical and electronic properties.

These high-speed, low-power-consumption, temperature-stable quantum dot lasers have caught the attention of global technology giants that see the value of integrating them in their systems to reduce costs while meeting rapidly growing global needs.

"It's truly a privilege to have access to a wealth of resources and cutting-edge technology right here in our lab," remarks Yang.

"In the past, acquiring the necessary optical and electrical equipment for our photonic research was a significant challenge, whether through purchasing or borrowing from external sources, which consumed valuable time and resources," says Yang. "However, at the NRC, our labs are fully equipped with everything I need, streamlining my research process. Moreover, my colleagues are always ready to pitch in with their expertise and resources, creating an enriching environment that greatly enhances the quality and scope of my studies," Yang adds.

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Yang tuning the quantum dot laser for network experiments.