NRC renews Canada's EUREKA membership

- Helsinki, Finland 

In today's business environment, access to global value chains has become a necessity for firms seeking to accelerate their growth. This means looking outside Canada's borders for new markets, new suppliers, and new partners who can assist them on their path to greater success. International research and development (R&D) collaboration is a priority for the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The NRC is committed to creating opportunities for innovative firms to collaborate and grow beyond Canada's borders.

One of these important channels is EUREKA - a unique and powerful tool that allows access to global value chains for Canada's small firms. Canada joined EUREKA as an Associated Country in 2012 and has since seen tremendous success resulting from co-innovation collaborations with over 20 different economies. On May 22, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland, the NRC officially renewed Canada's EUREKA Association Agreement, committing to another 4 years of support for market-oriented R&D and innovation projects.

Signing of the Canada-EUREKA Association Renewal.

"Canada's relationship with EUREKA is extremely valuable, as it allows us to continue to pursue collaborative innovation projects that are mutually beneficial and strengthen the competitiveness of both European and Canadian economies," says Iain Stewart, President of the NRC. "EUREKA has been, and continues to be, an important mechanism for Canadian innovators to continue meeting the challenge of global innovation."

Participation in EUREKA provides an innovation advantage to Canadian companies, creating opportunities to acquire, develop and deploy technologies for new and improved products and services quickly and effectively, as well as increase sales through new international market access.

The NRC will continue to act as Canada's National Office for EUREKA and main point of contact for Canadian companies looking to access the program's extensive network in Europe and beyond. In addition, the NRC's Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) can provide direct support for EUREKA projects to eligible firms interested in international partnerships for development of new products and services.

EUREKA at a glance

  • EUREKA is a leading facilitator of innovation, providing a platform for international, market-oriented cooperation.
  • Since 1985, EUREKA has facilitated over 6,100 projects valued at over 37 billion euros.
  • Currently composed of 41 member economies, including the European Union and four associated countries: Canada, South Africa, South Korea and Chile.
  • Canada joined in June 2012, and has already partnered with over 20 different economies for a total of 121 EUREKA projects, a total value 290 million euros.

EUREKA Canada is headquartered at the National Research Council of Canada.

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