Diana Facchini

- Mississauga, Ontario

Diana Facchini

Diana is the first employee of the NRC's new advanced materials research facility under construction in Mississauga. As a strategic advisor to the Vice-President, Transportation and Manufacturing, she is part of the development team for the new facility. Her work is currently focused on identifying and engaging with key stakeholders, understanding their needs and possible alignment with the new facility, developing partnerships, and most importantly, raising awareness of the NRC's growing presence in the Greater Toronto Area.

"I'm inspired by new opportunities, whether they be new ideas, new materials, use cases, partnerships, or projects. When you're at the start of something, everything is possible and the optimism and excitement of that is infectious and motivating."

With a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Applied Science from the University of Toronto, both in materials science and engineering, most of Diana's prior career was spent with a Toronto‑based nanomaterials research and development startup company and working with a Toronto‑area college developing industry‑academic research partnerships and building applied research capacity in health, clean technology and manufacturing areas.

Diana is enthusiastic about helping to shape and build a world‑class, national research facility for the NRC whose purpose aligns so perfectly with her passion for driving more rapid adoption of Canadian advanced materials innovations. She wants to make a difference in bringing innovative new materials to market and believes the NRC's Mississauga site is designed to do just that.