Canadian energy storage roadmap

- Ottawa, Ontario

Terms of Reference and Status Update

This project initiates, for the first time, a holistic approach to develop and maintain a multi-year (2016-2021) energy storage (ES) roadmap for Canada. It aims to understand market potential, roadblocks and actions required at the planning, procurement, rate treatment, interconnection, market, and regulations steps for adopting ES technologies in Canada by 2021. The project will result in fair and practical frameworks and mechanisms to support developing and integrating reliable and cost effective storage solutions at provincial and national levels. The impact includes, but is not limited to, increasing the engagement of the electricity and manufacturing sectors in new technology commercialization, both for local use and export opportunities.

Status Update — January 2017

In July 2016, the initial two years of the Canadian Energy Storage Roadmap initiative was co-funded between NRC and the ENERGY Innovation Program (EIP), operated by Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Research & Development.

Work associated with Phase 1 (Partnership and Framework Development) began in the late-summer of 2016 with the development of execution plans for each of the three Pillars, including allocation of internal resources  and the engagement of strategic partners, including Alevo Analytics, to round out the capabilities of the project team.

In early 2017, external engagement will be initiated and associated communication channels will be implemented. Forums will be established to provide information to and collect feedback from three distinct groups:

  1. Advisory Board Members – representatives from NRC, provincial system operators, regulatory bodies, association(s) and other government departments
  2. Contribution Partners - key industry participants in each province available to provide expert insight, data and feedback
  3. Other Interested Parties - stakeholders interested in the progress and outcomes of the initiative

Advisory Board members and Contribution Partners will be formally invited to participate in the development of the Project, with access to webinars, workshops and a private on-line collaboration space. Other Interested Parties will also be kept informed regarding the progress and outcomes through public webpages, NRC's quarterly newsletter and other forums such as conference presentations, reports and media.

For more information, please review the Terms of Reference or contact Adam Tuck, Program Leader for NRC's Energy Storage for Grid Security and Modernization Program.

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Program Leader for NRC's Energy Storage for Grid Security and Modernization Program