Annick D'Auteuil

- Ottawa, Ontario

Annick D'Auteuil

Annick D'Auteuil is an associate research officer at the NRC, and is the NRC's sports aerodynamics expert.

"My motivation to pursue a career in engineering is the challenge to resolve problems that will help our society to live better together."

Annick's passion for this area dates back to her days as an engineering student at Laval University. As an undergrad, she gravitated towards classes in aerodynamics because the applied examples used in the classroom often related to sport, one of her main interests. Doctoral studies pursued a few years later gave her the opportunity to combine both passions – science and sport – and launched her career.

From lugers to Paralympian skiers, Annick has worked with Canadian athletes for close to 15 years, using the NRC's wind tunnels to help them gain a competitive edge. The results of her work were on display during the recent 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

When not helping Olympic athletes reach the podium, Annick is busy analyzing the aerodynamic properties of "anything that doesn't fly." Currently, Annick and her colleagues are investigating how freezing rain can affect the aerodynamic behaviour of cables used for cable-stayed bridges.

You can find out more about Annick in this video feature: Meet Annick D'Auteuil – the NRC's sports aerodynamics expert.