All hands on deck - responding to Canada's need for sanitizer

- Tecumseh, Ontario

With support from NRC IRAP, Acenzia Inc. of Tecumseh, Ontario, was able to quickly respond to COVID-19 supply shortages by producing much-needed hand sanitizer. Already well versed in product development and advanced manufacturing for the nutraceutical industry, the company turned to NRC IRAP for strategic advice to quickly expand their product line and source an ethanol producer to secure their supply chain.

As a result, the company was able to secure accelerated funding from NRC IRAP to ramp up their hand sanitizer production. With this support, Acenzia has increased its production from 12,500 litres per month up to 400,000 litres per month and is investing in additional equipment to increase manufacturing capacity. Acenzia now has over $5 million in pre-orders for their product and are in talks with major Canadian grocery and pharmacy retailers and distributors.

"Strategic advice and funding from NRC IRAP has enabled us to quickly adapt our operations to join the fight against COVID-19. With this support, we have been able to significantly ramp up production of much-needed hand sanitizer to help keep Canadians safe and expand into a new market."
Indrajit Sinha Ph.D., Co-President/Co-Founder Acenzia Inc.