Statement from the National Research Council of Canada – continued support for clients and collaborators during COVID-19


April 9, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario – As Canada and the world continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Research Council's (NRC) top priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees, colleagues, and stakeholders while supporting clients and collaborators.  The NRC is committed to helping Canada and stakeholders during this time of need. We are prioritizing our pandemic response, mandated by the Prime Minister, to address urgent COVID-19 challenges and support Canadian businesses who are developing solutions. Please visit our website for more information and to contact us should you require our services.

In an effort to limit the spread of the virus, 90 percent of NRC staff have transitioned to teleworking. Employees who remain onsite are working on COVID-related programs, and performing critical tasks such as ensuring our buildings are secure, monitoring equipment and facilities, keeping systems running safely, and receiving essential shipments at loading docks on reduced hours.  The NRC remains committed to all of our clients and collaborators, therefore we will continue to carefully consider which facilities need to remain open and which projects are critical to support Canada and Canadians during this difficult time.

NRC representatives will be reaching out to clients and collaborators directly, to understand their challenges and how we can best support them. We also continue to be available to discuss future projects.

For questions about payment terms, clients and collaborators are invited to contact the NRC's account receivable team at 1-866-545-1195 or



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