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Research and collaboration

Collaborate with the NRC and our industry and academic partners to help build Canada's innovation capacity and make scientific breakthroughs.

R&D opportunities

Research centres

Work with NRC experts in any of our 14 research centres across Canada

Collaboration centres

The NRC partners with leading Canadian organizations to accelerate science excellence and technology development

Industrial R&D groups

Working groups for multi-client collaboration to share R&D risks and costs in the automotive, energy and mining sectors

R&D programs

List of all NRC research programs and initiatives

Funded collaborative R&D

Collaborative R&D programs where grant and contribution funding is provided through the NRC's National Program Office to collaborators who offer complementary expertise


Steps we undertake to ensure confidentiality of business information

International opportunities

The NRC's global reach

International research and technology organizations, opportunities for partnerships, research, work and studies

International partnering opportunities

International calls for proposals and global events aimed at stimulating R&D and innovation

NRC IRAP international programs

Connecting Canadian companies with the funding, advisory, export, and innovation services they need to access new markets and global value chains

NRC Germany office

Gateway for German researchers and businesses interested in R&D collaborations with the NRC or with innovative Canadian companies

NRC Japan office

Gateway for Japanese researchers and businesses interested in R&D collaborations with the NRC or with innovative Canadian companies

EUREKA network

An international network for market-driven industrial R&D that includes over 40 economies from the EU, Europe, Israel, South Korea and Canada

International Science Council and scientific unions

Connecting Canadian researchers to major international science and technology networks