What's microgravity?

What's microgravity? - Transcript

[On screen: Duff Gowanlock, Research test flight engineer]

Hi my name is Duff Gowanlock, I'm a research test flight engineer at the National Research Council of Canada.

Sir Isaac Newton gave us the universal law of gravitation which basically tells us that there will be a force of gravity between any 2 objects that have mass.

The bigger the objects, the larger the force of gravity and the closer together they are, the greater the force of gravity.

So, if I stand here on earth, I can feel what gravity feels like, and then if I stand on the moon, it feels a little bit less because the moon is so much smaller than the earth.

Similarly, if I stand in Death Valley, it's 100 metres below sea level, approximately, I'll feel the force of gravity and then if I go to the top of Mount Everest that's about 9,000 metres above sea level, it'll feel a little bit less.

And then as I go higher and higher in altitude, outside the atmosphere, I'll eventually get to a point where I feel weightless, where I can't sense the force of gravity from the earth.

And that's the sensation of microgravity.

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