What kind of microgravity research has the NRC done? (Part 3)

What kind of microgravity research has the NRC done? (Part 3) - Transcript

[On screen: Dr. Heather Wright Beatty, Physiologist and human factors researcher]

Hello, I'm Dr. Heather Wright Beatty, a physiologist and human factors researcher at the flight research lab, National Research Council Canada.

We are investigating the science and the symptoms of motion sickness for those who are experienced and non-experienced with micro-gravity.

We work with researchers, medical teams and companies that are trying to keep their aircrew as well as their novice flyers feeling well during microgravity and space flight.

Motion sickness is very common in individuals who are not accustomed to microgravity so we are looking at ways to predict and prevent motion sickness.

You can imagine that if you ever had the opportunity to experience microgravity, you would not want to be sick the entire flight!

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