Supporting Canada’s aerospace industry through innovation

Discover how the NRC's Aerospace Research Centre is supporting the industry through innovation.

Supporting Canada’s aerospace industry through innovation - Transcript

Welcome to the National Research Council of Canada’s Aerospace Research Centre, supporting the evolution of Canada’s aerospace industry through innovation.

Industry, government and academia from around the world choose to work with us to meet critical industry challenges and reach new heights.

Our experts are focused on 7 key areas:

  • sustainable aviation
  • autonomous flight
  • better passenger and pilot experiences
  • digital twins
  • icing and environmental conditions
  • defense sustainability, and
  • advanced manufacturing

We have access to unique facilities with innovative testing capabilities across the country; from our many wind tunnel testing labs, to our impressive aircraft fleet and a range of testing equipment.

With over 200 active partnerships in the aviation and space research sector, we are well-positioned to overcome complex technological challenges in new innovative areas, such as autonomous and electric flight.

Connect with a network of dedicated experts in different areas of research across the NRC.

Be a part of ground-breaking science.

Come innovate with us!

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