Security and Disruptive Technologies Research Centre

Our researchers are experts in quantum photonics, cutting edge security materials technologies and attosecond science. We collaborate with Canadian and international research labs, industry and academia to build the emerging technology platforms that will sustain Canada's industrial competitiveness well into the future.

Services and information


Research programs

Technical and advisory services

  • Nano-materials design (made-to-measure properties), formulation, fabrication and testing, plus full chemical and physical analyses and characterization.
  • Pilot processes for nano-composites with a wide range of matrix materials.
  • Nano-device design, incorporating made-to-measure nano-materials into electronic and optical devices.
  • Electron microscopy services.
  • Advanced microscopy, including, ultra-short pulse CARS microscopy
  • Ultra-fast laser system design, including femto-second and attosecond sources and measurement systems.
  • Fibre-based measurement, including fibre Bragg gratings in extreme environments.
  • Quantum cyber security solutions for ultra-secure IT data and networks

Technology licensing

  • Low-cost femtosecond fibre Bragg gratings for harsh-environment sensors

Why work with us

We provide new platforms that can be applied in a wide range of industries in technology areas such as:

  • Nanotechnology
  • Quantum technologies
  • Electronic materials and additive manufacturing

We offer scientific and engineering expertise in nanomaterials synthesis, printed electronics (2D-3D printing), nanocomposites, electronic and fibre photonic sensors, quantum information and security, quantum theory, and state-of-the-art ultra-fast spectroscopy in addition to access to unique prototyping facilities.

We work with key collaborators in both industry and in other research organizations to:

  • accelerate the development of innovative technologies
  • validate technologies for robustness and manufacturability
  • help reduce risk and lead time to turn innovation into products
  • work with defence and security partners as early adopters of disruptive technologies
  • focus on medium and long-range initiatives
  • translate global science and engineering advances into validated technology opportunities for Canadian industry.