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Discover Canada's research leader for resilience and safety in freshwater and harsh ocean environments.

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Canadian Arctic Shipping Risk Assessment System for marine transportation in the Canadian North

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With over 90 experts and unique facilities, we conduct rigorous testing to transform ground-breaking concepts into tangible outcomes, and find practical and sustainable solutions to complex problems. We specialize in identifying, adapting, and integrating advanced solutions to improve the performance and safety of marine operations, meet the challenges of climate change, and protect infrastructure, property and people from severe weather events and other environmental risks.

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Coastal resilience

Developing technologies to mitigate the impacts of extreme weather and climate change

Intelligent marine assets

Developing technologies to improve the performance of physical assets within Canada's waterways

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Vessel greening and decarbonization

Developing and evaluating fuel-efficient and cost‑effective solutions for shipping and marine transportation

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Developing data products, using numerical modelling, analytics, machine learning and AI methods, digital twinning, and earth observation

Ice expertise

Developing engineering solutions to challenges related to the presence of ice in Canadian environments