Metrology Research Centre


Services and information


  • Comprehensive suite of mass spectrometers for speciation and quantification
  • Precision instrumentation for mass measurement
  • World-leading single-ion optical frequency determination

Facilities for rent


  • Biotoxin and chemical metrology
  • Black carbon metrology
  • Electrical power measurements
  • Electrical standards
  • Frequency and time
  • Ionizing radiation standards
  • Mechanical metrology
  • Nanoscale metrology
  • Photometry, radiometry and thermometry

Quality Management System

Research programs

  • We undertake collaborative projects and activities in support of NRC programs

Research projects

Applications and tools

Technical and advisory services

Technology licensing

Certified Reference Materials

Why work with us

We are universally respected for providing trusted measurement science, advice, and technical services to government and industrial clients, enabling both product and process innovation in areas where precise and reliable measurements are critical to success. High precision and credible measurements can have a significant impact on market success, enabling our clients to better compete, conform, and connect on a global stage.