Medical Devices Research Centre

We support the Canadian ecosystem in the development, translation and implementation of medical device innovations. Relying on scientific fundamentals and biomedical engineering expertise, we maintain a deep understanding of the research path from idea to market. To achieve this, we rely on an extensive collaborative network of industry, clinicians, academics and government collaborators.

Services and information


  • Polymer lab-on-a-chip and microfluidics laboratories
  • Digital health software platforms, developed to industry standards
  • Materials processing and manufacturing laboratory

Research focus

  • Point-of-care (POC) diagnostics
    • Fast-result, low-cost polymer microfluidics innovations scalable for mass production
    • Select applications: Molecular diagnostics, cell and gene therapy, and drug discovery
  • Digital therapeutics
    • Evidence-based biomedical software innovations developed to industry standards
    • Select applications: Patient monitoring, assessment and therapy, clinician decision support


  • Micro-nanofabrication for bioanalytical devices
  • Microfluidics and lab-on-chip systems
  • Devices for in-vitro diagnostics, organ-on-chip and cell therapy
  • Biomedical software, data science and extended reality (xR) development
  • Cognitive and psycho-motor human-machine interactions
  • Digitally augmented physiological and neurological sensing

Collaboration centres and partnerships

  • Centre for Research and Applications in Fluidic Technologies (CRAFT)
    • A national collaboration centre with the University of Toronto – enabling R&D in microfluidic lab-on-chip technologies.
  • Collaborative Unit for Translational Research (CUTR)
    • A collaboration centre with CHU Sainte-Justine enabling critical research for improved pediatric care.
  • Cognitive care network
    • A network with world-leading clinical sites across Canada, to deliver digital therapeutics for a variety of neurological and mental health conditions.
    • LIFT: An industry-facing initiative targeting the translation of NRC innovations in lab-on-a-chip to market
    • V-Care: An industry-facing initiative targeting the translation of NRC innovations in virtual care to market

Research activities

Research and technical services

  • Biomedical device and software R&D
  • Prototype design and development
  • Implementation of innovative concepts into product lines
  • Testing and manufacturability
  • Technical support and advice

Why work with us

We believe we can support the growth of Canada's medical device ecosystem, given our:

  • Deep biomedical acumen, commitment to research excellence and translation to clinical use
  • strong connectivity with clinicians, industry, academia and government
  • track record of ideation-to-market, with the ability to skillfully navigate at any point of the translation