Medical Devices Research Centre


We support Canadian medical device companies by creating innovative medical technologies and providing customized research and technology solutions. We help our clients develop innovations that provide rapid, sensitive, accurate and low-cost devices aimed at saving lives, reducing health care costs and stimulating economic opportunities for Canada.

Services and information


  • Boucherville facility
    • Materials processing and manufacturing laboratory
    • Polymer lab-on-a-chip and microfluidics laboratory
    • Object-oriented software platform for interactive simulation
    • Specialized equipment for developing fibre-optic based catheters
    • Simulation and interactive haptics laboratory
    • Soft tissue biomechanics laboratory
    • Tissue-mimicking phantoms facility
  • Ottawa facility
  • Winnipeg facility
    • Medical photonics and optical technologies
    • Fibre optic capabilities for remote sensing/detection/characterization
    • Tissue sectioning, staining and pathology equipment
    • RF/MW Electronics development lab equipped to support development and testing of electronic devices up to the 3GHz in the RF/MW spectrum
    • Access to state-of-the art MRI systems, for MRI compatible medical device development and regulatory testing
    • Computer aided engineering, design and simulation software

Research programs

Technical and advisory services

  • Fee-for-service testing of products and prototypes
  • Pre-clinical and clinical validation
  • Assistance with developing research protocols involving research ethics boards
  • Market intelligence
  • Device development
  • Design and planning for manufacturability
  • Assistance with medical devices regulatory processes
  • Research consultation and commercialization expertise

Technology licensing

Why work with us

Our scientific and technical expertise and state-of the-art facilities help bring new technologies to the marketplace by offering customized, innovative and sustainable research and technology development to our medical device clients.

We serve a wide range of clients and collaborates with organizations from all parts of the medical sector, including:

  • Small and medium sized enterprises
  • Large companies, including multinationals
  • Hospitals
  • Medical and scientific research organizations
  • Universities and colleges
  • Government departments

Our experts use the latest breakthroughs in computer simulation, VR, micro-/nano-fabrication and implantable material to work with health care providers and develop the next generation of medical devices. Our collaboration with our clients and partners are adapted to their needs:

  • Specialized technical services, capitalizing on our unique facilities and expertise
  • Customized research services to address your specific technical challenges
  • Collaborative research projects
  • Multi-client initiatives
  • Licensing of NRC-developed technology