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We make digital technologies smarter and more intuitive for Canadians by exploring uses of data and information to solve real problems.

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Applied Quantum Computing

Supporting Canada's ambition as a global leader in quantum technologies

Digital Privacy and Security

Technical expertise for a more secure and data-enabled nation

AI for Design

Accelerating design and discovery through AI technologies

AI for Logistics

Enabling logistics and supply chain excellence with AI-powered tools

Multimedia Analytic Tools for Security

Helping intelligence, security and health agencies access the untapped potential of their data and sensors

Digital Health and Geospatial Analytics

Collaborations that explore AI and digital technologies for health and climate benefits

Data Analytics Centre

Ever wondered what your data is hiding? Our analytics services can unlock its potential

AI Accelerator

Helping Government of Canada departments and agencies harness the power of AI

Indigenous languages technologies

Working with communities and language experts to revitalize Indigenous languages

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