Construction Research Centre

We have long been recognized in the construction industry for our impartiality and technical credibility. We provide a technology development and deployment business environment, focussed on the construction sector. Our unique facilities also support other sectors such as aerospace, transportation, and information and communications technology.

Services and information

Why work with us

Through a multi-disciplinary approach, we draw on our expertise and experience of over 65 years and bring together national programs and services, such as:

Our R&D expertise supports industry to develop new products and services, while providing impartial information needed by governments and standards organizations, in key areas:

  • Building envelope and high performance materials
    • Building acoustics
    • Façade systems and products
    • Roofing systems and insulation
  • Intelligent building operation
    • Building technology optimization
    • Indoor air quality
    • Integrated building performance
    • Lighting and ventilation quality
  • Civil engineering and infrastructure
    • Infrastructure rehabilitation
    • Materials, durability and environment
    • Seismic resilience
    • Urban infrastructure
  • Fire safety
    • Fire risk management

Our capabilities include supporting market access and uptake of construction technologies: