With one of the largest research and development teams dedicated to biologics development in Canada, the Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre helps our clients and collaborators accelerate and de-risk the drug development pathway from discovery through clinical trials.

We provide collaborative research, technical expertise and advisory services in biomanufacturing and bioprocess engineering and technology transfer services (e.g. asset licensing, co-development of assets, intellectual property management) from early stage to manufacturing of material for phase I and phase II clinical trials.

Our aim is to work with organizations across Canada and around the world to develop a strong pipeline of assets suitable for commercial exploitation across a range of expertise:

  • Broadly applicable technology platforms for drug delivery
  • Proprietary cell lines for the production of biologics
  • Specialized in vitro and in vivo disease models as well as vaccines and biologic products
  • Unique-in-Canada biomanufacturing expertise, including the ability to process at scale:
    • Up to 1,500 L in microbial expression systems
    • Up to 500 L in mammalian expression systems for biologics production (research and good manufacturing practices (GMP) capability)
  • In vitro and in vivo research laboratories, which encompass containment up to biosafety level 3

Through our facilities, laboratories and extensive expertise, our role is to catalyze business innovation and public health solutions for unmet medical needs of importance to Canada in the areas of cancer, neurobiology and emerging infections, including:

  • Disruptive technologies to advance made-in-Canada solutions for cell and gene therapy
  • Business innovation for multifunctional antibody-based therapeutics
  • Public health solutions such as vaccine development

We work with a broad range of partners and stakeholders, including industry (start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and multinationals), hospitals and health networks, academia and government.

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