Clean Energy Innovation Research Centre

We create green and sustainable technologies for clean energy, resource extraction and environmental protection to strengthen Canada’s clean economy.

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Collaboration centre for Clean Energy Transition

See our research activities on clean energy transition with the University of British Columbia


Collaboration centre for Green Energy Materials

See our research activities on green energy materials with the University of Toronto


Why work with us

Our experts work along the entire technology readiness scale, from fundamental research, to technology development and scale-up, to prototyping and field testing. We can leverage our relationships to create outstanding science and impactful industry-relevant solutions. We collaborate with organizations from all parts of the energy, mining and environment sectors, including businesses of all sizes, research organizations, universities and other government departments.

Services and information

Clean energy and resources

Supporting your clean energy and resources needs, including energy storage and generation, bioenergy and more

Battery energy storage

Developing next-generation energy storage materials, devices and processing of critical minerals


Developing technologies that produce clean and secure energy and eliminate hazardous or contaminated waste

Low-carbon fuels

Developing technologies to produce, distribute and use zero-greenhouse-gas emissions hydrogen

Material Acceleration Platforms

Accelerating the discovery, synthesis and production of new materials, designing and integrating materials and components

CO2 emissions reduction

Developing technologies for CO2 capture, conversion, utilization and storage

Anaerobic bioprocessing pilot plant

Developing processes to convert organic substrates into valuable bioproducts

Sensors hub

Developing new sensing technologies

Material characterization

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