The NRC encourages and engages in multiple forms of collaboration. Our collaborative research projects span a very broad spectrum of activities and industries.

This page lists all NRC research centre programs, as well as select projects. Learn more about the NRC's funded collaborative R&D programs and initiatives, including Ideation, Challenge, and Cluster Support programs. Grant and contribution (G&C) funding is available to eligible collaborators to advance specific objectives of the initiatives and programs.

Research Centre: Aquatic and Crop Resource Development
Topic: Agroforestry, Bioactives, Biochemistry, Natural products, Food biochemistry, Nutrition, Pathology, Economics and Industry, Functional ingredients
Research Centre: Aquatic and Crop Resource Development
Topic: Agri-Food, Hormone Profiling, Plant, Soil, Microbiology, Cereal molecular, Breeding, Cereals, Grain, Protein, Alternative crops and diversification, Cold and drought tolerance, Diversity and conservation, Drought, cold and heat tolerance, Genetic diversity, Grain technology, Integrated management, Management, Management agronomy, Nutrition, Physiology, Production, Profiles, Wheat, Wheat, Economics and Industry