Vehicle Propulsion Technologies program


Vehicle and part manufacturers need to adopt new technologies to comply with strict government standards and increased consumer demand for more environmentally responsible vehicles. They are addressing the challenge, in part, by increasing the efficiency and use of electric propulsion. The NRC's Vehicle Propulsion Technologies (VPT) program will help you develop the technologies you need to be a leader in the growing supply chains associated with vehicle electrification.

Collaborate with us

Whether you are in the aerospace, automotive, rail, or specialized mobility sector, the NRC can help you develop, optimize and test technologies aimed at improving electric vehicle performance, economics and safety. Not only can the NRC perform lab-scale research, testing and pre-certification, we have the facilities and expertise for full-scale prototyping as well as production scale-up.

Collaboration opportunities
Advanced electric motors

The NRC addresses the challenges associated with permanent magnet e-motors by focusing on:

  • Material selection
  • Manufacturing and assembling processes to reduce part counts
  • Additive manufacturing technology allowing the 3D printing of permanent magnet into innovative new designs

Whether you are a raw material producer, a materials processor, a components producer, or an e-motor designer, you can benefit from our globally recognized expertise in the development of magnetic materials and components.

  • Soft magnetic material cores
  • Hard magnetic material shaping
  • Selection of adhesives and other insulating materials
  • Prototyping of components
Safe and low-cost energy storage technologies

Lithium-based technologies are the current choice for the major manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicles, but their cost, performance, durability and safety need to be improved. This creates an opportunity for companies to become a part of a growing supply chain.

  • Anode and cathode formulations and material selection/qualification
  • Liquid and solid polymer electrolytes
  • High surface area current collectors
  • Pouch cell prototyping
  • Battery cell and module performance testing
  • Battery failure detection and mitigation
  • Cell-to-vehicle safety testing
  • Cell-to-pack numerical simulation

In addition to our expertise and facilities, the NRC can assist you in selecting the right battery technology for the right duty cycle and ensure battery safety and performance.

Manufacturing for fuel cell vehicles

The supply chain for manufacturing fuel cell vehicles is in its early stages, constantly growing and evolving, providing numerous opportunities for newcomers with fresh ideas. If you are a raw materials supplier, component developer/supplier, technology provider or system integrator, now is the time to join this exciting industry. NRC technologies ensure reliable, safe and cost effective volume manufacturing and commercialization of fuel cell systems for transportation applications:

  • material assessment
  • manufacturing processes
  • characterization tools
  • costing models
  • suppliers development
  • use of big data analytics to improve fleet performance

Our world-class expertise and facilities help industry define the specifications and standardize measurement methods for critical fuel cells components. Additionally, we analyze the supply chain landscape to identify areas of specific need, such as the development of novel polymer membrane manufacturing processes.

Collaborator benefits

We can serve as an integrated R&D extension to your organization, connect you with other companies across the supply chain and help you certify your products, enabling you to join this rapidly growing market. By working with NRC, you will:

  • Accelerate your product and technology development and validation;
  • Become a leader of a rapidly growing supply chain;
  • Minimize your risks associated with the development, adoption and commercialization of new technologies;
  • Gain access to our cross-functional teams of experienced scientists and engineers as well as to our world-class facilities;
  • Benefit from our unbiased advice and expert consulting services.
Technical and advisory services
For materials suppliers and processors
  • Technology and market reviews and trends
  • Material characterization and applicative evaluation
  • Support to piloting and homologation processes
  • Generic and proprietary electrode formulations
  • Materials optimization for next generation anodes
  • Advanced cathode materials for positive electrodes
  • Additives and binders for improved electrode formulations
  • Modified and new electrolytes
  • 3D current collectors
For fuel cell and energy manufacturers and component suppliers
  • Component testing and validation
  • Specification definition and measurement of component properties
  • Cell, battery and fuel cell performance and durability
  • Codes and standards
  • Safety assessment
  • Cell assembly, performance and durability assessment
  • Quality control/assurance technologies
  • Diagnostics tools development
  • Cell prototyping
  • Electrode architecture: formulation, deposition
  • Battery safety evaluations and abuse testing
  • Battery modeling and simulation
  • Module and pack design
For energy storage suppliers and manufacturers
  • Chemical synthesis and modification of materials
  • Performance assessment in coin-cell and pouch cell
  • Membrane extrusion, modification, characterization and testing
  • New battery technology prototyping
  • High-volume, low-cost prototype manufacturing
  • Materials development and characterization
  • Bench-scale and full-scale testing
For vehicle integrators
  • All-weather testing
  • Component validation for certification support
  • Safety risk assessment
  • Codes and standards technical support
  • Vehicle instrumentation, track and on-road testing
Research facilities

Contact us

If you are looking to access world-class vehicle propulsion expertise and state-of-the-art research facilities, please contact:

Eddy Zuppel, Program Leader (acting)
Telephone: 450-641-5059
LinkedIn: Eddy Zuppel

Targeted industries

OEMs, parts and systems suppliers, raw material producers, processing companies, technology developers and integrators, system integrators.

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